Kubota Chopper - Model Landing - Camrose Dynamic Sales & Service Inc.


Kubota choppers are versatile and used for road side maintenance, clearing out field, hedges, ditches, orchard vineyard, and of course grass and straw. The hallmark of Kubota choppers is their ability to cope with whatever is required. Whatever the size, every model is built for a variety of different tasks.




Working width

  • 2.30m = 7’6’’
  • 2.80m = 9’2’’
  • 3.25 m = 10’7’’


Work behind or in front of the tractor


Off set of 50 cm hydraulic in standard


Perfect to do the orchard, vineyard, field stubble or grass etc…


Hammer blades


Tractor up to 140hp


Can used in 5400 or 1000 Rpm


Automatic belts tensioner


Low maintenance