Kubota Disc Trailed Mower - Model Landing - Camrose Dynamic Sales & Service Inc.


Kubota mowers are designed to offer maximum productivity and profitability allowing you to efficiently handle any crop condition. With three blades per counter-rotating disc, Kubota mowers are constantly cutting, leaving no stripes of uncut forage in the field.




3 Blades per Disk

  • Fewer blade changes
  • 50% more cuts compared to two blades
  • Highest cutting frequency in the market
  • Less load per blade - better cutting performance
  • Cuts even as the speed drops
  • Always a blade cutting


Fully Welded Cutterbar

  • Extremely strong and stiff design, two C channels welded together
  • No extra reinforcement needed
  • Vertical overlapping
  • Welded construction, no risk of loose bolts
  • High oil capacity ensuring low working temperature
  • One key safety device designed to shear in case of overload
  • Low noise level thanks to specially tooled gears



  • Exceptional ability to adapt to ground contours
  • Ensures an even pressure across the entire cutterbar in uneven conditions
  • Built in safety device
  • Mower unit forced upwards and above, if encountering an obstacle
  • Returns to original working position
  • Sideward adaptation allows movement up and down 8.5° to each side – in total 17°
  • Makes it easier to control the unit on headlands


Easy Setting of the Mower

  • Adjustment of cutting height pressure by turning the spindle
  • Setting of ground pressure is done easily by adjusting the suspension springs
  • Integrated tool box


Left Hand Drawbar

  • The gearbox is fixed to mainframe Ensures less movement during operation Yet provides unlimited rotational movement
  • Makes sharp turning possible
  • Easy to hitch to every tractor
  • Just drop the pin into the drawbar
  • 2 pt linkage connection Optional (to mount to tractor 3 pt hitch arms instead of drawbar)