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Kubota pendulum spreaders are the ideal choice for small farms and special applications. Spreading quality and ease of operation are unequalled, and application rate is always identical on both sides giving you superb overlap. You can also operate the metering disc with a hydraulic remote control.




Excellent Overlap

The Kubota pendulum spreader is the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum accuracy in fertilizer application. Spreading quality and ease of operation of this unique machine are unequalled. The pendulum spreader movement of the spout ensures that the application rate is always identical on both sides. This results in an excellent overlap.


Precision Spread

The side to side motion of the spreader spout ensures fertilizer is spread left and right, not to the front. This prevents the tractor from getting covered with fertilizer when wind is a factor.


Easy Operation

All VS spreading can be controlled either manually, hydraulically or electrically. The plastic scale on the spreading unit allows continuous adjustment of the application rate in kg per hectare, so the risk of spreading errors is minimal. Using the spreading table and the dial you can determine the desired quantity of fertilizer for every spreading width and forward speed.


Low Filling Height

Refilling fertilizer is easy. The hopper can be easily moved under a tipping trailer or silo or filled by hand.


Simple calibration

A specially designed calibration container makes it no longer necessary to remove the spout for calibration.


Gentle handling of fertilizer

The agitator ensures an even material feed to the spreading unit, so there’s no risk of fertilizer being crushed.


Built for durability

The VS spreaders from Kubota: -Optimized frame with no corners where fertilizer can accumulate -Glass fiber re-enforced polyester or poly ethylene hopper which can withstand aggressive types of fertilizer -The unique Duracoat powder painting system for exceptional corrosion resistance of spreading unit and frame -Bearings of the spreading unit have easily accessible grease zerks.