Kubota Rakes - Model Landing - Camrose Dynamic Sales & Service Inc.


The FarmLine rakes all feature 0.35" wire diameter tines, whereas the ProLine rakes include heavy duty 0.39" wire diameter tines for outstanding durability. With up to 13 double tangential tine arms and up to 5 double tines per arm, Kubota rakes are equipped for maximum raking performance.




ProLine Gearbox

  • Unique 4-point ball bearing on crown wheel
  • Gear unit shock isolated from all sides
  • Pinion with two bearings separate from main drive line
  • Crown wheel with rim bearing torsion-stiff power transfer to the tine arm
  • Cast steel housing for elimination driving shocks


Tine Arms

  • Each tine arm is mounted on two pre-lubricated grooved ball bearings
  • Aluminium bearing housings for a reduced total weight
  • Each tine arm bearing tube is secured by three bolts for maximum strength
  • Block assembly throughout the range for an outstanding ease of repair
  • Each tine arm can be replaced separately


Cam Track

  • Low wear of cam track and guide rollers because:
  • Large cam track diameter (40 cm/ 16 in!) for a smooth tine arm control and reduced running speed
  • Cam track made from high quality nodular cast iron
  • "Crowned" guide rollers
  • Guide rollers mounted on dust proof and pre-lubricated bearings
  • Tangential tine arm allocation for lowest loads and exact guidance


Adjustable Cam Track

  • Tine arms are adjustable by moving the cam track
  • Easy and stepless adjustment from the outside using a lever
  • The moment at which the rakes are lifted out of the swath can be adjusted to adapt it to different amounts and sorts of crop


Bi-Tangential Tine Arms

  • Swathing speed increased as a result of the more effective utilisation of the inner tines
  • Tines never mounted directly in driving direction
  • Tines lifted higher out of the swath, smoother swath laying
  • Increased swath volume



  • 80° turning thanks to actively steered carrier wheels
  • Rotors are lifted hydraulically from the tractor cab, for headland turns and for fast and trouble free turning
  • Ground clearance during headland turns is 40 cm/16 in
  • Time wise offset lifting from front and rear rotor (adjustable)


Terra Link Quattro

  • TerraLink frame open on the down side and therefore is showing torsion flexibility
  • Perfect ground adaptation with all wheels close to the tines
  • Highest working speed due to preload on front wheels
  • Compared to cardanic systems the TerraLink system is able to absorb vibrations and allows a smooth reaction on little ditches in the ground