Kubota Wrappers - Model Landing - Camrose Dynamic Sales & Service Inc.


The Kubota WR1400 is a pull-type wrapper designed for smaller tractors. The machine is very easy to operate. A fully automatic film cutter comes standard on all models.




Wrapping Table

  • Designed for very good stability
    • Double driven roller system
  • Perfect bale positioning keeps the bale in position during wrapping
  • 2 large diameter cones
  • 2 large diameter rollers with long distance in between each other
    • Easy access to greasing points
  • Simple and fast maintenance
  • Wrapping table with 4 belts
  • Perfect bale rotation and film overlap
  • Perfect positioning of the bale towards the center of the table


Pre-Stretch unit

  • Specially designed aluminum rollers for perfect film pre-stretch
  • 70% Stretch ratio fitted as standard
  • Easy and fast exchange of film roll
    • Film locking device ’One Hand’ easy to operate
    • Roller locking system for easy threading of the film between rollers


Hydraulic Film Cutter

  • Simple hydraulic film cut and hold device, fully automatic: no action from driver needed
  • Perfect cutting of the film in all conditions
  • Easy change and adjustment of the knife
  • Perfect film holding even in wet conditions due to the specially designed rubber grip


Low Table Height

  • Robust and wide frame
  • High reliability
  • Up to 2650 lb bales
  • Low profile table height
  • Maximum stability
  • Gentle unloading
  • Axles positioned at the rear of the machine
  • Better stability
  • More weight on the hitch: use of small tractors possible in all conditions
  • Loading and unloading time reduced for higher productivity


Clever Wheel Construction

  • For narrow transport width, the right hand wheel is turned to the inside of the support arm
  • Maximum stability during work
  • It takes only a few seconds to convert from transport to working position
  • Lower the loading arm hydraulically to lift the wrapper, and the wheel is easily turned into transport position



  • Strong and reliable loading arm
  • Low position of the table ensures that the bales are loaded in a gentle way